Segway Elite P

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Latest development from Segway Inc.
Learning to ride Segway Elite P is as easy as possible.

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Elite P

Revolutionise the way you move
Get on the Elite P and go wherever you want to go. Travel in style and measure your improvements through the Segway App. The remote control allows you to easily control your P.

High-Tech Construction

With the latest development from Segway Inc. Segway Elite P is the latest generation for two wheel balancing vehicle. Built in 3rd generation Technology chipset and light weight enables users to bring Segway Elite P into any small or large cars. This provides the convenient for users to transport the vehicle anywhere they want to travel with.

Segway Elite P has won many awards worldwide for this category of transportation medium. The design team has created Segway Elite P with futuristic design and the wow factor when using for travelling around. With Improvements for Segway and Ninebot technology team, Segway Elite P will be able to communicate with your mobile phone be it Android or Iphone. Configuration of Segway Elite P is just a few finger clicks away.

Adding to this Segway Elite P has a built in safety system which will alert users when there is problems with the device. With this built in safety system which is patented by Segway riders will have more confidence on riding Segway Elite P on rough terrain.

The large handle which Segway Elite P has will ensure learning to ride Segway Elite P will be as easy as possible. Segway Elite P cannot be compared to hover board or other smaller models due to its size and flexibility on riding the machine. Riding indoor or outdoor is not a challenge for Segway Elite P. Segway Elite P is currently used in many major large cooperation’s in Malaysia and come with onsite support. Segway Malaysia is the sole distributor for the latest Segway Elite P in Malaysia.

Main Features


Bluetooth connection for Segway Application

Connect to your Segway Elite P with Segway Mobile application to perform configurations as you prefer.


Reliable Strong Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy Constructions

With the construction of Segway Elite P is built to last long, our customer are still using it after more than 5 years.


Segway Advance Technology Chipset

With their latest advance technology Segway Elite P is one of the most safest and reliable machines in the market.


IP54 Water Rating

Riding on a wet road is never a problem for Segway Elite P, with IP 54 it can withstand small splashes of water.


Front Dashboard

With a display board on the handle, all critical information will be displayed to the rider when riding and allow users to take action if needed.


Remote Control

Ensuring security for Segway Elite P is now more advance as users will only be able to control it with the remote controller to turn it on or shutting it down.

Segway Elite P Specifications


Appearance Abrazine Silvery; Abrazine White; Light blue; light Grey
Material Aluminium; Magnesium; LEXAN Jaffaite
Weight 25Kg/55Lbs
Machine Size 390mm×590mm×1100~1400mm/15.4in×23.2in×43.3~55.1in
Package Size 623mm×440mm×450mm、129mm×114mm×1200mm/24.5in×17.3in×17.7in、5.1in×4.8in×47.2in
Payload 20~150Kg/44~330Lbs
Max. Speed 20Km/h
Range on a full charge 18.6 Miles
Max. Slope 20°
Speed set Can be adjusted from 4-20Km/h(2.5-12.4Mile/h)
Battery 48V/450Wh
Motor 2*1350W
Tire/Wheel hub size Standard /12mm×2.75mm(0.47in×0.1in)
Back-up system Redundant Dual Safety Backup Technology
Remote control 2 pcs (10~20m/32.8-65.6ft)
Charger / Charge time External charger; 2~4 hours (100~240VAC)
Wireless Bluetooth wireless connection;Remote control( Mobile Phone APP)
Display Panel Display battery capacity; mileage; speed; temperature; Hardware versions; speed-limited mode;
remote control mode; locked mode; Bluetooth connection; Warning; System Alerts info


*Specifications above for reference only, the parameters is subjected to change without prior notification

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