Segway One Z10

Unforgettable off-road experience

One Z10

Ninebot Segway One Z10 is dedicated to giving you unforgettable trip experiences both in urban traffic and off-road places. With its 4.1-inch thick pneumatic tire, you will have a stable trip and never have to worry about small road obstacles It can be easily ridden on these conditions: Packed dirt, flat pavement, slopes, and bumps.

Looking for the most extreme ride, Segway One Z10 is the most extreme ride with the highest specifications in the market. Built in huge 4.1 inches thick and wide tires provides riders with excellent grip all terrain. Small stones and small obstacles will be easily avoided or ridden over with Segway One Z10.

The maximum speed Segway One Z10 can reach is nearly 50 kilometers per hour, this is one of the fastest devices in Segway arsenal of transportation models. With one full charge, Segway One Z10 is considered the cheetah of the road because it can clock a range of 90 kilometers per charge which is impressive.

The power, design and function on Segway One Z10 is another level compared to all products in the market. Explore the capabilities Segway One Z10 can bring you which is in par in riding a super bike. Intelligent lighting built in to Segway One Z10 is exceptionally intelligent, with the lighting following the riders style and speed this will provide exception style for all users.

Main Features

Next generation Segway Technology

With Segway One Z10 as the third generation or all Segway One products, the integration of Segway One S2 and Segway One has revolutionize the technology installed on Segway One Z10 with advance riding features and agility movement.

Advance Battery Technology

With regenerative charging when breaking is applied, Segway One Z10 has the latest battery technology which allow users to travel extreme long distances. Segway has leap ahead of their competition with this technology.

Third generation Alarm System

Be always safe with the locking system built in to Segway One Z10 this will enable stolen Segway One Z10 useless

High Power Battery

Exceptionally high battery capacity to provide the most powerful riding experience with the longest distance of 90 Kilometers per charge.

Strong Structured Wheel

Built with 18 inches heavy duty wheels, Segway One Z10 will enable you to feel smooth on all terrain riding. Enhanced traction control has never being this good before, never have to worry about slippery road conditions.

Durable X 2

Segway One Z10 not only have magnesium alloy frame but the design and components built in to Segway One Z10 is made to last long and withstand rugged conditions.

Segway Application

Configure Segway One Z10 as you wish with the light design to regenerative charging. Be impressed on what Segway One Z10 can offer to you.

Design for the future

The design team for Segway One Z10 has implemented futuristic electric cars design into the device. With its smooth and slick design with advance lighting it has beaten the competition the market has.

IP65 Water Rating

Segway One Z10 has no problem riding on slippery roads and with this rating, wet roads are never an obstacle.

Segway One Z10 Specifications

Max. Speed 45km/h
N.W./Load 150kg
Dimension 457 x 530 x 178mm
Dimension 457 x 530 x 178mm
Max. Range 90km
Charge time Max. 10.5 hours
Net Weight 24kg
Max. Climb 25
Water Resistance IP54
Battery 995Wh
Tire Size 18 inch / 45.7 cm
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