Segway X2 SE

The Power of the X2 SE

The Segway x2 SE is the perfect personal transportation device for any outdoor work environment. 

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Take the path less traveled. Charge through high grass. Shred trails. The x2 SE’s 8 inches of ground clearance affords you unrivaled access to wide open spaces. The x2 SE has the power and performance to let you play while you work, wherever you are.

High-Tech Functionalities

Adventure, Exploration, rough terrain or soft sand beaches? With Segway X2 this challenges are possible. Segway X2 is built with the concept of a four-wheel drive vehicle. The creation of Segway X2 is the improved version of Segway i2 to enable user to ride anywhere as they heart wants to take them. The mobility device with the strongest rating in the Segway family.

With all the features of Segway i2, Segway X2 is design to handle rough conditions. Segway X2 comes with a ground clearance of almost 8 inches, this can enable users to handle unexpected obstacles. The gear box technology Segway X2 has it’s the highest performance of its kind. It can handle loads of up to 130 kilograms in weight on the machine. This in an exceptional achievement compared to all other Segway devices.
Segway X2 is mostly used by military personal as their mobile transportation devices, police personal for patrolling on the road or off-road patrolling. Many people who wish adventures out of the ordinary trail, Segway X2 will provide customers with tracking experience they will never forget.

High power motors generate enough torque to ensure Segway X2 can live up to its performance running or harsh conditions. With the ATV tires installed on Segway X2 never worry on terrain conditions, riding on snow is even possible with the Huge ATV tires installed on Segway X2. Segway X2 has many accessories available for mounting. Segway Malaysia will be able to assist if any customization is required for Segway products.

Main Features


Infokey Controller

Communicate with Segway i2 SE with a buttons on this controller, you will be able to switch modes and configure more setting available with Inforkey Controller


Regenerative breaking

With Segway advance technology the breaking system will recharge the batteries when breaking is detected with Segway advance sensors.


Advance Gyroscope Technology

The body motion detected by Segway proprietary technology will allow the user to control Segway i2 responsively by just using body motion.

segway (2)

Intelligent Steering

With Segway navigation method, users will just require to slide the handle left or right on the direction preferred and also with zero turn radius. Navigating on Segway i1 SE is easy and simple.

wide base

Wide standing base

Segway had developed this platform to enable users from all countries to be able to use it. Segway i2 standing base will provide sufficient leg room for any users.


Intelligent Battery System

Segway i2 has a very advance battery system which runs on two batteries. With two batteries this ensure safety and long travel distance for users

Segway X2 SE Specifications


Weight 119 lbs (54 kg)
Footprint 26.5” x 33” (67 cm x 84 cm)
Max Speed 12.5 mph (20 km/h)
Range* 12 miles (19 km)

*Actual range depends on riding style and terrain

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