Segway One

Pimp Your Style

Go places further than before, be adventurous and discover.


One Wheel, No Limits
The Segway One is made for adventurous riders who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Riders with a unique skillset and an ‘I can do anything’ mindset can hop on the One and trail blaze their own path. Once mastered, the One can take you to new horizons. Are you the one for the Segway One?

The first generation of Electric unicycle developed by Segway. With Segway One, learn firsthand on how to ride an electric unicycle by pushing your limits. Learn how to control Segway One and keep improving day by day to ensure you can master the skills required for Segway One. With the ability to customize Segway One, you will have the ability to change colorful rings accessories and also have the option to mount gadgets on Segway One.

With Segway One built with comfortable side paddings, this will provide stability and comfort for users during every ride on Segway One. Explore be it rough terrain or smooth, Segway One will be able to bring you over many obstacles depending of your skill level. Compared to hoverboards, monowheels or other electric unicycle Segway One is built to be more comfortable and lasting for long duration usage.


Gather around with a group of people and experience the Segway One revolution which is provided by Segway Malaysia. 

Main Features

Segway Safety Alarm System

The first Electric Unicycle with built in Safety alarm system to ensure Segway One is safe with you always.

Advance Battery Management

First generation of its kind with built in advance battery management to ensure usage efficiency and power savings for all users of Segway One

Segway Advance Sensors

Segway Advance technology provides all riders with a peace of heart when riding Segway One. Segway Sensors will respond accordingly to the user’s body movement.

Easy Components replacement

Easy plug and play components are readily available for Segway One users. This will ensure easy maintenance for Segway One.

IP65 Water Rating

When using Segway One S2 be worry free on wet roads and small puddles of water

Segway App

Segway One provides the technology to meet friends, check your progress, perform firmware updates and stay in control with the anti-theft feature built and also controlling the lighting effect.


Segway One is built with magnesium alloy to ensure it can withstand falls.

Segway One Specifications

Aesthetics exan Engineering Polymer in fine porcelain – White + Gloss Black Trims
Package Size (mm) 550 X 220 X 520
Machine Size (mm) 475 X 453 X 175
Tire Diameter/Size Diameter 406mm, 16 inches low pressure slim pneumatic tire
Max. Payload (kg) About 120
Typical Climbing Angle 15 degree
Operating Temperature about 10° – 45° Celsius
Structural Material AZ910 magnesium alloy, LEXAN polycarbonate
Net Weight (kg) About 14.2
Battery System 320Wh / 8C battery, output 2000W with In-built Safe-Battery MCU
Mileage (km) About 30-40 km
Charger AC 110-240V input, 120W, full charge in 120mins
Rated power (Watt) 500
Max. Power (Watt) 2000
Max. Speed (Km/h) About 18-22
Pre-packed Charger 120 Watts, Universal Switching AC charger
Shin Cushion Soft NBR foam tape
Wireless Connection Bluetooth 4.0, LE SMART connection with Ninedroid™ APP, access to instrument panel, configure of Ninebot ONE operation, safe-speed warning and light settings etc. Remote firmware update, enabled.
Equipment Interface High quality water-resistant charging port multi-function toggle button [on, off, standby, on/off Bluetooth), optional multi-function accessory holder.
Display Panel Annulus display panel on both sides. 20*2 independent RGD LEO, integrated battery indicator, red brake light low power amber to red light, customizable ambient lighting.
Foot Pad AZ910 magnesium alloy footpad+ resin shock-absorption and anti-skid augmentation
Lifting Handle Ergonomically Recessed Lifting Handle using engineered metal I polymer fusion
Optional Accessory Accessory holder (1 inch diameter, bi-directional installation compatible with most bicycle accessories) Assisted wheel set easily changeable color shells, bumper strips, custom printed skin. Built-to-order: Commercial 250W fast charger that can shorten charging time by 50%
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