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Segway Malaysia has collaborated with many major technological vendors, large and small corporate, or technology experts to provide customize solutions to major corporate. Segway Malaysia is always open to work with you, security companies, event management companies or cooperation to provide rental, sales or leasing services.

Below are some examples of Segway Malaysia Services provided

Segway Security Solutions

Segway Malaysia has a development team to provide consultancy services to any corporate in Malaysia. The future of patrolling services is here not. Contact us for customization services for security guards or management patrolling. GPS location tracking, WIFI location traction and Bluetooth location identification is already available from Segway Malaysia. With scooter rental systems currently in a high demand, Segway Malaysia can provide this solutions in the market.

Personal Transportation for Corporate with Segway Activities

Loan a unit for a day to provide customers or family day events for major corporate and see the difference. Not every day major corporate get to host their events with all Segway Products in the market.

Why not provide your corporate the very ultimate in personal electronic transportation? Our Segway’s are easy to use and are fantastic in making your corporate feel even more exciting and having them travel around your event area in style.

Give your guests a chance to experience the future of personal transportation with an event space catered specially for your guests. Give them a chance to try out different models and have fun at your event area or at a closed circuit area specially designed for Segway Malaysia activities.

Segway Collaborative Partnerships

Segway Malaysia is always on the lookout for mutually beneficial partnerships for events that we can showcase our range of products. Feel free to contact us to discuss these sort of events further.

Segway Services

Segway Malaysia has Leasing services available in conjunction with ORIX leasing, please do contact us more if Leasing services are required.

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