Segway App

Segway-Ninebot App is a mobile application for Segway self-balancing vehicles. Users can wirelessly connect their phones with Segway via Bluetooth. It has the function of dashboard, vehicle information, remote control and settings.

The Dashboard page can show the current speed, mileage, temperature, running time, it also has the function of shutting on/off motors, locking/unlocking Segway. Users can check all the detailed information on the Detail of Info page, including temperature, mileage, running time and so on.Users can have remote control on the Bluetooth control page, realizing move forward/backward and turn direction.

Users can set all the parameters on the Setting page, including speed, light, sound and so on.

Note: Due to the fact that Segway is equipped with a new generation of Bluetooth 4.0, Android users’ phones must support Bluetooth 4.0 and carry an Android system of version 4.3 or above.

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