When Segway Malaysia was established in 2015 the operation started with a few personal and has now expended to become a major leader for the personal transportation industry. Segway Was established in America in 2001 it was to become the major self-balancing transportation technology company. Many super stars and major cooperation’s around the world has implemented this major technology to their daily use.

In 2015 Segway set its roots to Malaysia and has collaborated with many major cooperation including Sunway, Pavilion, Lexis Group, See Hoy Chan, Eko World, Eco Cheras, and many more. 2015 set to become the stepping stone for Segway Malaysia as they participated in the first event which was KL car free day.

During KL Car free day, many people from all walks of life came out to join our Segway Ninebot gathering. As this was a green event Segway Ninebot manage to attract many people which using Segway Ninebot Devices to join the event to promote green transportation technologies.

The event was a huge success as we manage to gather around 50 person with all of them using Segway Ninebot devices to experience it in Kuala Lumpur during the time where there was no cars in Kuala Lumpur.

Moving forward to the next event, Ninebot Segway had collaborated with Ford Ranger club gathering in Sepang. This has brought many Ford Ranger club owners to experience Segway devices from that time. Segway Malaysia started with Segway Elite, Segway i2 SE and Segway X2 SE. The establishment of Segway Malaysia in Lexis group was setup in 2015, with the rental business model starting and has now expended to entire Lexis Hotel groups.

Segway Malaysia then expanded to collaborate with Segway Singapore to participate in Global Security Asia 2015 event which was a huge milestone for this technology during its time. With the need for mobility devices indoor and outdoor, Segway Malaysia had collaborated with Segway Singapore to lead the way for this industry with Segway Innovative technology. With Segway Malaysia participating in Singapore Global Security Asia, we have manage to showcase all our products from Segway Mini Pro, Segway Mini Plus, Segway Scooters and many more.

BMW then came into the picture with the Collaboration between Segway Malaysia and BMW. In the event we manage to showcase BMW cars with Segway latest devices. This prove to be a success as many participations where interested to test multiple Segway machines.

GPEC Asia then proceeded with Segway Malaysia colorations, During the General Police and Special Equipment exhibition, Segway Malaysia had drew attention from the Police, Military and home minister from Malaysia. During this time the connections to Malaysia government was forged and we currently can supply to the government for projects and services.

Finally came SEA Games 2015 where Segway was used during the opening ceremony. During the opening ceremony, Segway Elite was used by the performer to travel around the stage. This mark an exciting year for 2015 with many collaboration, experiences, and join ventures forged during this establishment year.

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