A fresh start for 2017 brings Segway Malaysia ahead with LIMA 2017, during this event we manage to show case all Segway Malaysia technology in LIMA 2017, during the event defense ministers, police forces and a combination of ministers from all around the world was able to experience Segway Malaysia devices. Segway Malaysia was able to show case Segway ES2 scooters, Segway ES4 scooters, Segway Mini Pro and many more technologies during the event.

Moving ahead Segway Malaysia manage to collaborate with BMW again this year for their car show performance. For the 2017 BMW automobile show Auto Bavaria was the main event organizer and we manage to provide BMW customer with exciting new Segway products for a greater experience when visiting their car show.

The combination for Luxury car event was getting hot, continuing for this came the Audi car show event. The Audi car show grand event we participated in for 2017 was located in Setia Alam Convention Center. During the event Segway Malaysia brought the full range of Segway products from Segway Mini Pro, Segway ES2 Scooters, Segway ES 4 Scooters, Segway Mini Plus, Segway i2 SE and Segway X2 SE. all guest which had attended the event fully enjoyed the experience Segway Malaysia had provided.

Moving forwarded for Segway Malaysia events on 2017 was GRA Autocross @ Elite Speedway Plus Circuit, With the gathering of supercars here to showcase their skills, Segway had the perfect combination of products for racing tracks. During the event this personal transportation devices will great for management and security teams to commute to their desire destinations. The GRA event is located at USJ and manage to draw a huge crowd from around the area.

From Central to north, Penang was the next destination for Segway Malaysia. When we was invited to attend Penang International Green Carnival 2017. This event was held in Spice Arena Penang. With Segway Malaysia technology advancement in Green Technology since its inception, Segway Malaysia was able to bring this event to the next level. Segway Malaysia is the sole distributor for all Segway Products in Malaysia, Segway Malaysia was able to provide all participations to experience Segway Malaysia products available.

In Technology Park Malaysia, Segway Malaysia participated in the National Innovation and Creative Economy exhibition. During this exhibition Dato Seri Dr Ahmaz Zahid Hamidi witnessed the demonstration of Segway Malaysia cutting edge technology for transportation products. Segway Elite was a major attraction to the visitors who visited the event. Segway One S2 was launched during the event and many peopled had the chance to have a test ride.

One of the major events of 2017 is the SPAD LPT Symposium 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Segway Malaysia was honored to be invited to this exhibition as we manage to strengthen our relationship with many government representative. The Malaysia government is seeking to combine robotics to assist in many industries, this is where the strength of Segway Malaysia is.

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