Moving forward to 2018, The Star new papers featured Segway Products on rental for Karpal Singh Drive in Penang, there are multiple local operators which are using Segway Malaysia technology products to provide visitors in Penang to experience the exciting rides provided by Segway Malaysia Technology. Do feel free to take a tour at Kapal Singh Drive for a ride experience.

One the biggest Autoshow started in 2018 was Malaysia Autoshow 2018. This event was held in Mapes Serdang with the largest car display and latest automobile technology for displayed in Malaysia. During the event, the showcase of many classical cars was being displayed by some of Malaysia royal family. It was a success as the collaboration for Segway Malaysia with Malaysia Autoshow 2018 was successful in providing guest a hands on experience on the latest technology Segway Malaysia had, Segway Malaysia had displayed Segway ES2 scooters, Segway ES4 Scooters, Segway Z10, Segway go-kart and many more Segway Models. With their collaboration we manage to light up the event with full of activities for Segway and Car enthusiast.

The collaborations for Huge Property developers are well known for Segway Malaysia. Segway Malaysia had brought the event of SP Setia Family day to greater heights. Besides being used for all the VIP to launch the event. SP Setia group had experience the Technological advancement Segway Malaysia had brought to the event. Many participants could experience Segway Malaysia technology and had an exciting time.

Moving forward, Carlist 2018 auto fair was another huge success. With the collaboration between Carlist and Segway Malaysia, the engagement of all participants created a livelier event. The event was held in Setia City Convention Centre with a huge crowd and featured the medium on which cars can be purchased. Another car event which Segway Malaysia did collaborate with is the Velocity motor show at Desk Park City. Segway Malaysia was the transportation partner for the event and managed to provide transportation facility to the organizers.

During the 2018 Motor GP event, Segway Malaysia did collaborate with the event organizers to become the premium transportation provider for its management. We manage to give the last mile solution with Segway Malaysia products during the event, Segway Malaysia had then become the leading transportation vendor for Motor GP event which is held in Sepang Racing Circuit in Malaysia.

IOI city mall Putrajaya then had an event to showcase latest mobility technology. Segway Malaysia was participating in this event to show case their full range of Products, Segway Ninebot Drift W1, Segway Ninebot One S2, Segway Ninebot One Z10m Segway Ninebot go-kart Kit, Segway Ninebot ES2 Scooters, Segway Ninebot ES4 Scooters, Segway Ninebot S Plus, Segway Ninebot S Pro and many more Segway products were on display during the event. Visitors during the event was able to experience Segway Malaysia full range of technological advancements.

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