A new year, a new experience for Segway Malaysia. Segway Ninebot Go kart kit was then awarded the 2019 coolest gadget in CES America exhibition. With the revolution from petrol power go kart to electric go kart, Segway technological advantages are ahead of its time. Segway Malaysia always have a full product demo located in their showroom for all ranges of Segway Products for customers to try.

Another collaboration with Mitsubishi cars came, with Segway Malaysia participating in this collaboration, Segway Malaysia was able to bring more excitement to guest for this event. With the future of Robotics going ahead with Malaysia Industry 4.0, Segway Malaysia has collaborated with Aeon Nilai robotlink event to showcase Segway Malaysia latest technology. Loomo Robotic was just launched and Segway Malaysia had the opportunity to showcase this robot to the public for the first time.

LIMA 2019 then came ahead, Segway Malaysia has always participated in LIMA events since 2015 and have become the Premium collaborating vendor for all LIMA events. The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition is held in Langkawi Island every two years once. The main showcase during this event was the Segway Loomo Professional Edition which have autonomous patrolling capabilities. Which the implementation of Loomo Professional edition has multiple advantages for the security industry. Multiple security personal from around the world manage to witness Loomo security patrolling robot demonstration and Segway Malaysia manage to get superb worldwide coverage during this event.

Moving forward in 2019 Malaysia Autoshow 2019 came into the picture again, Segway Malaysia was able to bring this car exhibition with full of exciting experiences. In Malaysia Autoshow 2019 Segway Malaysia was exhibiting beside major car brands, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, and many more to bring Segway technology experience for this event. In addition to this BMW Family day had collaborated with Segway Malaysia to brighten up their event. The collaboration with BMW family day manage to draw a huge crowd for 2019 to show case their latest car models and allow guest to try out all Segway Malaysia products.

Segway Loomo was building up its momentum in 2019 as demand for robotic automation has gained traction for the Malaysia market. Segway Malaysia was able to exhibit in Robotex 2019 for advance robotic patrolling technology. Many robotic players in the market manage to exhibit their robotic solutions in Malaysia. Segway Loomo was among the most affordable solution in the market catering for developers, security, and end users just wanting to have a go on robotic programming or experiences. The robotic event also expanded to Safety & Security ASIA 2019 which was held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. This is where Segway Loomo Professional edition did receive an award for the Robotic security category.

Further cooperation is Kiehl’s make Segway Malaysia become known in the industry for strategic cooperate marketing collaboration. We have collaborated with Eclectic Run, TRX Residence and exchange cooperate events, Ferrari Naza show room and many more cooperate entities. Segway Malaysia is always willing to cooperate in many events, please feel free to contact us at 012 3272999 for more information.

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